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Interactive Toys for Your Active Cat

Domestic cats have all the high energy needs of their wild counterparts but lack the daily hunt for survival.Rumble("play", { "video": "vpu26", "div": "rumble_vpu26","autoplay":2});    Many of...
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Teaching Your Kitten to Play Cool

Most of your kitten’s behaviors are learned from his mother. He will learn how to inhibit his bite from her (the mother) and littermates....
are laser pointers bad for cats

Cat Toy Dangers

Cats are playful by nature at all ages. We love to watch them bat around the toy mouse or chase after the feathers on...
best cat litter for odor control

Best Practices for the Litter Box

It is in a cat’s nature to bury their waste in the ground, and they prefer to do so in sand-like substances. This makes...
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Daily Fix of Kitten Cams

Is there anything cuter than watching a playing kitten? They have so much playful energy, and despite being feline, they are pretty clumsy at first...