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Cat Composition

When it comes to tasteful Internet cats that capture our attention and pull our heart strings, we don’t usually like to see the messy...
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Great Ways to Make Your Cat Happy

With their natural inquisitiveness, it looks like cats were born for play. However, after kittenhood, most pet owners tend to take their kitties as...
why does my cat sit on my lap

What Your Cat Can Teach You about Affection

Being a cat owner, you know the happiness that kitties can bring to someone’s life, even when they are obnoxious. What’s it about cats...
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Cats and Kids

Cats and kids sound like a recipe for disaster, but if you can teach your children the proper way to interact with the family...
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Free! Here Are Quick Ways To Make Your Cat Happy While Indoors

Myth: going outside for cats is a basic requirement for their happiness. The truth: regularly playing with your cat and providing her with plenty...

May Be World’s Longest Cat

Measuring four feet in length, Omar, may be the world’s longest cat.  Do you know what type of cat Omar is?  You won't believe...