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Have you ever sat in a room or outside on the patio and hear the tick, tick, tick of your dog happily approaching you? Certain dog breeds, especially the ones with black nails, have healthy, fast-growing toenails that require extra care.


Wonderful dog enjoys manicure from his owner 🙂

Sam, my dog, has very strong nails I have to clip them about twice a month. But why is this important? Shouldn’t normal wear and tear naturally take care of your dog’s nails?

Normal wear on the nails does occur if dogs are outside and running around for the majority of their time, but with leash laws, suburban and urban living, and spending the majority of their time indoors, dogs don’t get the same natural wear.

Long nails can cause a host of issues from making it difficult to walk to causing pain if the nail tear or split. Imagine your toes are smooshed up in shoes that are a few sizes too small.

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That is the feeling a dog gets when his toenails are so long they touch the ground when he walks. The nail is pushed back up into the bed and can cause tenderness and pain.

This may also lead your dog to give you a hard time about nail care because he doesn’t want you to touch or manipulate his paws.

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how to cut dog's nails without clippers

I adopted Sam when he was just about two-years-old, and we had to get used to the twice-monthly toenail clipping. There are the special dog and cat nail clippers you need to trim the nails, and you must be careful when doing it. Clipping too far can hurt your pet.

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A dog’s nails shouldn’t touch the ground while he’s not in motion. I wasn’t very comfortable at first and only took the tip of the nail off. Today, I’m pretty good at trimming Sam’s nails, and he’s good at letting me do it too, but I still only take the tip-off.