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Domestic cats have all the high energy needs of their wild counterparts but lack the daily hunt for survival.


Many of our cats will stop at nothing to escape outside to join the hunt, but that’s not safe or healthy for our dearest feline friends. Instead, focus on engaging your cat’s active body and stimulating her mind with an interactive toy.

OK, so almost any toy can be an interactive toy for a cat who will bounce, pounce, and bat it around. But an interactive toy can add an element of surprise and unpredictability to your cat’s play time. Take a laser pointer for example. We’ve all seen a cat chase after the little red dot trying to catch it. True, we’re controlling it, but it’s still an unpredictable movement for our cat. The only downside to the laser pointer is that your cat will never catch it, so there’s no satisfaction in the chase at the end of the game.

After a while, your cat might abandon you, and your fancy laser pointed to bat around a crumpled-up piece of paper she pulled out of the trash. I speak from experience. Other great toys to get are the fishing rod kinds with feathers but never leave these kinds of toys out. The string can be dangerous, and your cat will eat the feathers. Another great choice is wild tail moving ball. Just set it down and that tail flops all over. Cats go crazy for it and it gives them a chance to hunt, stalk, and pounce.

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One thing to keep in mind is your cat will get bored with the same old toys so cycling through new and older toys will help keep her interested and her mind nice and sharp. Interactive toys are wonderful for both cats and their humans and will provide a lot of entertainment and happy times for both.