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If You Want a Micro Puppy, Buy a Stuffed Animal

Everyone remembers Paris Hilton’s 12-ounce Pomeranian in 2014. She carried the dog in her purse and was very public about her love for micro-dogs. All of sudden everyone wanted a dog to accessorize their purse.

Facts about the teacup Pomeranian…Watch this video!



 However, a dog is not an accessory. Breeding dogs at miniature sizes is not the makings of a healthy dog. In fact, welfare groups claim many of these dogs have health issues, such as congenital defects, organ failure, respiratory problems and fragile bones.

This growing trend of miniature “teacup” breeds is putting the lives of these puppies at risk. Teacup puppies are most popular in South Korea and the US. The puppies are sold for thousands of dollars, with some companies advertising the micro puppies online through social media sites including Instagram and Facebook for as much as $8,000.

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People who purchase a teacup puppy are usually looking for a fashion accessory or toy. They treat the dog as a thing rather than a living, breathing pet. Many times these micro-puppies are denied proper exercise and socialization play which is essential for their mental and physical well-being. The owners of these puppies often trivialize the responsibilities that come with owning a pet.

No specific breed is a teacup by default. That leaves unscrupulous breeders to devise new and brutal ways to shrink an already small breed like a Chihuahua or Yorkshire terrier into something new and terrible.

Breeders are intentionally subjecting puppies and pregnant dogs to potentially dangerous selective breeding and treatment. The Kennel Club Charitable Trust warns on its website that “to produce small dogs, breeders may use unscrupulous practices, such as breeding from runts in litters, denying the pups essential nutrition, selling the puppy before it is eight weeks old or breeding from the [mother] at the beginning and at the end of her heat cycle so that the pups conceived may be premature”.

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The Kennel Club refuses to recognize any teacup breed and will not record dogs as being teacup on its register. The charity also warns that buyers should take extreme caution if considering purchasing a dog advertised as a “teacup” puppy.

The micro-puppies don’t last as long as normal dogs. They can’t do all the things normal-sized dogs do. They have such tiny hearts and lungs. And, a life spent inside a purse is not a formula for a healthy, happy canine companion.

If you truly want to become a dog owner, consider rescuing one of the many homeless puppies at the shelters. Don’t encourage the trend of breeding such fragile dogs. Most importantly, do your homework before making the decision to become a pet owner.