basic dog training

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Just like kids, dogs need proper and appraiser training. Your dog is emotional and has the ability to sense things. He, too, is emotional. Use the wrong training techniques, and he will develop bad behaviors like hiding.

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He might also become more aggressive. So, it is important to equip yourself with vital dog training tips if you want to instill the right behaviors in him.

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The power of listening to your dog

Don’t be a selfish master, Learn to listen to him. For instance, if your pup doesn’t want or is uncomfortable meeting another dog, cat, animal, or person, do not insist that he has to say hello. All he is doing is to let you know that he’s not comfortable meeting another dog or your friend for a reason, and you ought to respect that. Using force can often lead to unnecessary bigger problems. So, going forward, learn to listen to him.


Be generous with your love and affection

Don’t be mean with your love and affection for him. Give him a lot of attention whenever he does the right thing.

Don’t shy away from letting him know when he is behaving like a good boy. Be extra generous when it comes to your attention as well as praise.

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Does your dog really like it?

Don’t assume that your dog will love all the treats, no! Some pups are extremely selective as far as what they like to eat is concerned. When selecting treats for your dog, go the soft and chewy way.

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These kinds of treats are normally more exciting than hard and crunchy ones. Familiarize yourself with what your dog enjoys most.

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Be consistent

Ensure to get all your family members involved when training your dog. This will ensure that everyone is on the same page. For instance, ensure that if you are telling him “off” when he tries to jump on the couch don’t let someone else tell him “down,” Remember, consistency is a fundamental aspect when trading your dog.

Other helpful tips

Other helpful tips include setting realistic expectations, having him high-quality foods, and giving him enough freedom.