kitten olympics

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With their natural inquisitiveness, it looks like cats were born for play. However, after kittenhood, most pet owners tend to take their kitties as stodgy old creatures that prefer slumbering in the sun and romping around the house.


On the contrary, these felines like being busy and without constructive actions to fall back on, they might entertain themselves in detrimental ways, such as furniture scratching, excessive meowing, and peeing outside. Giving your precious cat brain-stimulating toys to have fun with won’t only make him happy but it will also help prevent the cognitive dysfunction syndrome.

good things about cats

Create opportunities for exploration

Cats love discovering new things- places, people, and objects. Get your kitty a chance to explore the wonderful features offered by life. Paper shopping bags, cardboard boxes, and toys are simple items you can use. You may want to invest in a beautiful cat condo or some scratching posts.


Provide a “cat TV”

We love watching TVs for entertainment, but cats find pleasure in viewing the great outdoors. So, ensure that you provide unobstructed access to all windows around your home- including perches where necessary. You can also try hanging bird and squirrel feeders somewhere in your homestead. Did you know that kitties are fascinated with fish ponds/aquariums? Though your cat may not enjoy watching television, you can take him to cat videos featuring close-up records of birds as well as rodents.

fish screensaver for cats

Let your kitty “hunt” for food

Allow your cat to hunt or work for a portion of his food. You can hide food in the house or place it inside food-dispensing toys. This will motivate him while also stimulating his mind and thoughts. Also, don’t forget to spend some quality time with your beloved pet.

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By playing with him, you’ll be making more creative and responsible. Keeping your cat busy can transform both your lives.