food for dogs in summer

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During the summer months, we tend to spend a lot of time outside. And we love having fun with our pets out there. But keep in mind that hot days may not be favorable for our dogs.

So, you should always know how to keep him cool while outdoors. Just like you’d love to be super comfortable, your pup also does.

Here are simple tips that’ll help your dog stay cool:

keep your pooch cool during summer

Give lots water

That sounds obvious, right? But it does help. Freeze several containers of water or provide a wading pool for your dog. An affordable kiddie pool can work pretty well. Fill with cold water so that your beloved pet can splash and play all day. What about introducing some floating toys into the water? This will make it even more fun for him.

Frozen treats work like magic

Frozen treats are fun and help keep your pup cool. Home-made dog treats are easy to make, and dogs love them. Besides, they’ll help your pet to stay cool and hydrated during summer.

how do dogs stay cool

Shade, shade, and shade

Large, beautiful tree shades are perfect for helping your dog to stay cool during the hot summer days. They provide maximum protection from the sun while facilitating efficient hair flow. If there are no trees around your home, you can create a shade using an umbrella or a tarp.


Don’t forget those cooling aids

You’ll not go wrong with a cooling vest or mat. Most of these will need to be soaked before being refreshed. Worried about where you’ll get this? Don’t worry. Soak a towel in cold water for your dog to lie on it. Also, you can try spraying you’re his belly/paws with cool water.

If you have a fan, consider placing an ice pan in front of it to enhance the effectiveness of the cooling pads.