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Deciding on what to wear to your first date can be a dilemma! Sure, to others, it might sound like a no-brainer.

However, when it gets into finer details, we all find ourselves panicking when it comes to first date wardrobe because “dressing to impress can be a nightmare”!

To help you get clarity on this issue, we’ve got some pre-sampled expert advice for you.

Single ladies, get your notebook—because you might have to take notes!

Get the rules right

Always understand the venue by checking it out online so that you can get a clear picture regarding the setting! An incredible rule of thumb: Go for that color or outfit that people often compliment you for.

Comfort is of paramount importance

Make choosing the outfit your priority! Well, I’m sure you love comfort. So, the last thing ladies want to do (including you) is fidgeting with their outfit—there are numerous important stuff to be pondering about! So, go for something that makes you feel comfortable.

cute casual date outfits


The venue should be your ultimate guide. So, let your look reflect your environment! Also, choose one best asset you can show off. For instance, if you have great arms, kill everything by wearing a strapless maxi dress. For great legs, I suggest wearing shorts or a nice skirt. But…..the bottom line—don’t go too much skinny since this can be a turn-off or portray you as trying too hard.

Styles: The don’ts

first date outfit ideas

No showing too much skin! Run away from extremes, such as overly trendy outfits as well as heavy makeup. Instead, go natural and minimal.

More is more

cute date clothes

What I always believe in more is more–meaning never give it all away(if you want to leave an impression) on your first date! If you decide to go for something short, ensure to balance it out with something long like long sleeves plus low heels. And if backless and low-cuts are your staples, accessorize it with something cool like a maxi skirt or even jeans.

The bottom-line

Plan, plan and plan! Go natural and minimal. Then be comfortable with whatever you are wearing. Goal: To realize the effortless and flawless “I just threw it on” vibe. Ensure to get outfits that exude your environment.