semi casual dress code

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With the spring season right around the corner, it’s important to know what to wear to different parties or occasions. 

Dressing for events can sometimes be a daunting task, that’s why have broken it down for you!

Black Tie

Honestly speaking, a black tie is the dressiest of dressy. Pair it with a floor-length gown and you’ll rock that party. However, it is only fit for formal weddings, award ceremonies, and charity galas. Choose classic jewelry that perfectly matches your gown but be cautious with low necklines as well as high slits in your gown. Add on a dramatic bedazzled clutch to complete your ensemble. Go for gowns in taffeta, heavily beaded, or satin to make a real statement.
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For fashionable men, this implies a tuxedo featuring a black bow tie.


semi formal party attire

When attending a wedding, fundraiser, or engagement party, look for rich fabrics like silk, chiffon, and lace. Cocktail attire is all about that black dress, but you can go for other colors as well. Ensure that your hemline isn’t too short or it will make you look like someone heading to the club. Choose classic footwear featuring jeweled or metallic finishes.

formal dress code

If you’re a man, think of dark suit that is well fitted. Pair it with a bright shirt, dark-colored tie and shined shoes.
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Dressy resort

Often, this is meant for beach or destination weddings. Wear a long maxi-dress or if that doesn’t work for you, a blowy sundress would look pretty good. Definitely choose a fun beach-like color in turquoise, orange, or yellow. For shoes, forget the heels and get yourself a pair of gorgeous flip flops or fun wedges. Go for bright jewelry or even a bedazzled flower in your hair.

And for the men, consider wearing a light colored suit paired with a matching silk shirt. Choose dazzling loafer shoes and you’ll look amazing.

casual vs business casual

Business Attire

Are you attending an office party, company dinner, or networking event? Choose a classic dress or a simple suit. Remember, this isn’t time to be stylish and trendy so opt for a neutral purse and minimalist jewelry. This doesn’t mean that you avoid spicing up your outfit with color, but do not go overboard. Your hemline, as well as a neckline, should look natural.


For men, a sports coat or a gray suit works best.


When you aren’t sure, check out your invitation to determine how formal the event is. Note the time and the theme. These two aspects will give you a hint on what you’re supposed to wear. Always make sure that you’re well-dressed for every occasion. You really don’t want to look awkward in the middle of your friends. So, be keen with your dress code.