House Train Your Pup

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Eliminating that yellow-spotted, scorched grass lawn and reducing the odds of you stepping on a pup poop is possible.

All you need is to design a designated “pup bathroom.” Whether yours is young or old (your pup), teaching her to use one area is somewhat easy if you embrace patience as well as consistency. Remember, teaching her where to go will also make her understand where she shouldn’t go.

Straight to the point

Well, let’s get straight to how you should get started.

Potty Train Dogs


First, define that area/location you’ll want her to use. Fence it with a wire garden, chicken wire, clothesline or some stones.

A landmark will help her remember as well as develop her habit.

House Train Your Pup the Right Way


Second, once you have created the “pooch bathroom,” take her on a leash straight from your house to that location whenever she wishes to go. Design a command like “go potty” / “go pee.” Then, reward her whenever she obeys.

After some weeks (say 2-3) take her on the leash and try to escort her off leash (but remember it should be to the same spot). If she gets off and tends to look for another alternative, clap (to get her attention), and guide her to the “bathroom.” And when she obeys by going there, praise him.


Dog Potty Schedule


Third, once she has completely mastered the escorted poop break, graduate to unescorted. Whenever you notice the urge to go, open her the door, issue the command, and then let her go without your help. If she gets drifted, get outside and clap to catch her attention.

Then, verbally correct her. Reward your dog with a treat or positive affirmation whenever she gets to her designated location.
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Last but not least, exercise patience and consistency. Then reward the positive behavior. Your dog housetrain problem solved! Remember, initial setbacks shouldn’t discourage you. Housetraining is a process and requires time as well as tolerance!

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Dog Bathroom

House Train Your Dog

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