Military Dog is happy to meet his Dad

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The bond between people and their dogs is an overwhelming sometimes an indescribable one. The love and loyalty of a dog are so unconditional that our human hearts, when open to it, can’t fathom.


Now imagine yourself an active duty service member deployed on foreign soil. Your family is thousands of miles away, and while you have your fellow brothers and sisters serving alongside you, you are fortunate enough to be a canine handler.

Canine handlers and their dogs do everything together and are inseparable during their active duty deployments. They eat, they sleep, they fight alongside each other. The bond that develops between an active duty military service member and their canine is arguably the strongest bond you will ever see between man and dog. The levels of stress and danger this team faces is life-threatening, every day.

Today, there are an estimates 2,000 military dogs in active duty service for the United States and each one saves an estimated 150 to 200 lives during their careers. But what happens when their service is no longer needed, or they become injured? 

Thanks to recent efforts and new laws passed in the 2016 National Defense Authorization Act, military service dogs are saved from a sad fate of foreign soil abandonment or worse, disposal, and return to the United States when their service has ended.

The law mandates that all military dogs return home and their handlers get the very first opportunity to adopt them as pets and allow them to spend the rest of their days in peace. Unfortunately, reuniting military dogs and their handlers is not always easy or possible, but thanks to an organization called American Humane, more and more military dogs are finding their ways home to their partners.

There are few things in this world more tear-jerking than watching a dog reunite with his handler. These brave military dogs have saved the lives of countless servicemen and women and deserve to continue their special connection, living out the rest of their days in peace.


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