Pit Bull Therapy Dogs

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Pit Bulls get a bad rap, and we often forget that humans are to blame, not the breed. These loving dogs may have a bloody beginning as pit fighting entertainers dating back to the 19th century, but blood sports have long since been banned. Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop the illegal activity of blood sport.

Hector is one such Pit Bull who was caught up in a dog fighting ring and thankfully rescued from a terrible life that would have ended tragically.

Some of us may remember Michael Vick’s dog fighting case from 2007. He was the NFL quarterback who admitted to and served a prison sentence for dogfighting. Well, Hector was one of his dogs. When Hector was rescued, he was scared, beat up little two-year-old with some deep battle scars.

Hector was rescued by a west coast organization fittingly called BAD RAP and after experiencing some loving foster homes, found his forever home in Minnesota where he became a loving therapy dog. To prove himself, Hector passed the American Kennel Club’s Good Canine Citizen test twice before becoming a Certified Therapy Dog.

Hector is an inspirational dog and proof that no one breed is born aggressive and dangerous. Pit Bulls are well known for their love, loyalty, and patience with children and Hector enjoyed visiting children at schools where he helped teach kids the importance of safe interactions with dogs. Hector got the opportunity to live his life in a loving home, filled with adventure and fun but he also helped his fellow Pit Bulls.

Unfortunately, Hector’s life was cut short by cancer in 2014 at age nine, but this amazing sweetheart leaves a legacy behind for all dogs who were born into bad situations. Hector was living proof that with love and positivity, even a pit fighter can overcome the cruelty inflicted upon him and live to love.