how to get good lips

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We may have been taught (or told) to look at person’s eyes while they are speaking and when we are speaking in return, but most people look elsewhere. 

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And while you might think it’s a different body part, it’s actually our mouths that attract the focus of attention during conversation. With our lips in motion and eyes turned toward them, we can help them out with some foolproof lip hacks to make them stand out. Here are some tips for your conversation piece.

Exfoliate your lips. Dry and cracked lips are painful but also hurt to look at, and your conversation partner may become distracted by your chapped lips. Prevent distractions by taking a little bit of coconut oil and brown sugar and rubbing the mixture on your lips. Not only is it a tasty polish but it will buff and exfoliate your lips, leaving them soft.

how to make lips

If you feel like your lips need a little plumping up, you can achieve this without injections, naturally. The astringent qualities of peppermint oil work well to help plump your lips. 
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Add some peppermint oil to your gloss and apply it. Your lips will tingle a bit and feel cool and refreshed. However, pure peppermint oil can burn your skin if it comes in direct contact, so always mix it with your polish of a petroleum jelly.

lipstick hacks

Still need bigger lips? Sill hold off on the surgeon’s visit and try giving yourself the illusion of fuller lips with makeup. Apply a white or light pencil to the center of your lips and fade the light color out. Line the outside of your lips with a matching lip color and apply a light lip gloss or your peppermint oil petroleum jelly to create the illusion.

Want all day lasting color on your lips? This old pro tip is a trade secret. Apply your lip color and cover your lips with a facial tissue. Using a translucent powder, dust your covered lips with a brush, and you’ve got lasting color.