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Some of us are good at applying false lashes, and some of us visit the salon for our lash set with weekly or semi-monthly lash fill appointments. And some of us don’t have the time, patience, steady hand, or money for any of that.
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So, we’re left with mascara and broken promises of full, amazing lashes. If you want to high-quality, long and full lash that’s advertised, you have to help your mascara along a little.

First off, how old is your mascara? Typically, you should buy a new tube every three to four months. If you’re working with an old tube, start fresh. If your tube isn’t that old, but it’s clumping, try mixing some Visine in the tube to help loosen it up. Or again, buy a new tube.

OK, your mascara is good. What now? You’ll need a few things. Grab your eyelash curler, your powder, and a plastic spoon.
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Use your curler on both eyes. When you’re done, lightly apply a thin layer of powder to both sets of eyelashes. You want to do both at the same time before you don’t want the powder to accidentally float to the finished eye when you start the other side.

All powdered up? This is like a lash primer that thickens your lashes and gives the impression of fullness. Now apply two layers of mascara starting at the base of your lash with a little curl and zigzag your way up through the lashes. For the bottom lashes, grab your spoon and give your lashes a liberal amount of mascara. Use the spoon to cover the skin just below the eye. This will prevent any mascara from transferring on to your skin and give you the opportunity to apply a heavier sweep of mascara.

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When you’re done, give your lashes a good once over and fill in any spots that look sparse. The technique takes only moments as opposed to preparing and applying false lashes and costs far less than weekly visits to the salon.