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I like to think Ultimate Frisbee is just as popular as it was when I was younger. Moving our bodies and engaging in a non-contact (most of the time), co-ed game of Frisbee on the field was a favorite past time of mine.


Then came the coming of age movie, PCU in 1994. PCU, being the in your face satire comedy on the political correctness of the times, featured a game of Ultimate Frisbee that made the twenty or so year sport a mainstream sensation. At least in my mind.

best dog frisbee

In it, the Womynist House versus Jerry Town, that’s feminists versus stoners for anyone not in the know, go toe to toe in a Game of Ultimate Frisbee.

With a sadly uneven score, the Jerry Town group decides it’s time to bring in Blotter. As the camera pans over the half-baked group, it finally stops on a Border Collie patiently waiting to be called in.

puppy frisbee
That’s when the action really starts to pick up, and the game evens out as Blotter hits the field and goes long for a perfect catch in the end zone. Watching Blotter fly through the air was so much fun, and I wanted badly to teach my dog to snag a “bee” just like Blotter.

Well, that never happened, and my dogs just found Frisbees better for chewing than catching. But if you have a Frisbee-catching dog, why not try a Tuff Disk?

Do you play frisbee with your dog?….Check out…

Kong Rubber Flyer, Large, Red

These flying discs are supposedly indestructible against the bite power of a dog. Now you can assemble your team and get the dogs together for a friend, co-species game of Ultimate in the park.

Train Your Dog to Play Frisbee