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Being in your 30s can be bizarre. You have grown past those wild, up all night moments of your 20s, right? But you definitely aren’t ready to sit back at home and watch your friends spoil themselves with those fun activities you once treasured.

What you really need is something cool- an amusing evening with your pals, but without those mysterious “bar bruises.” right.

This also applies to your hair. You need a beautiful hairstyle, which can allow you have some fun, but you just can’t do without some of the experimental styles you enjoyed in your 20s.

It isn’t necessary to cut off all your hair the moment you hit your 30th birthday. Rather, try one of the latest, stylish, and easy-to-wear hairstyles that’ll make you look younger and attractive. A longer cut would look ultimately good on you. But this depends on the shape of your face, so those with longer faces would better maintain short hair.
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But the rest should feel free wearing longer hairstyles. You can try wearing curly, straight up or down, whatever design. This will give you a youthful vibe and still enables you to play around with your hair without drastic measures such as neon-pink or Mohawk hair color.

Softened Pixie

very short haircuts for women

If you are in your 30s and you are always on the move, the softened pixie can be a perfect solution to your hair. While the softened pixie is not exactly “wash & go,” it will seriously reduce your drying time. But remember, not all pixies can be created equal. So be sure to ask your stylist for the layers that can melt —since they are barely noticeable, and can prevent the side from looking choppy /poufy. It only takes a bit of pomade to style it up. Moreover, women with heart-shaped faces can go for a spritz of volumizing spray to boost up the roots.

Lauren Conrad’s Boho Chic Braid

stylish short hairstyles

Super long hair is a popular option for women in their late 20s and early 30s.So, before you hit your 40, try them. Don’t wait until they are out of fashion.
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Blonde Haireasy hairstyles

Blonde hair featuring magical color between blonde as well as a brunette is a hot thing at the moment.

Shoulder-length & Thick

long hairstyles with layers

You can go for shoulder-length and think hairstyle. But ensure that the finish appears blunt. However, they shouldn’t look cheap. You can texturize the ends with either a feather razor to make the line appear clean.

The Long Bob

long hairstyles with layers

Long Bobs are still the hot thing out there since they are extremely versatile. Blow dry them straight. You can still air dry them to give your hair some natural wave. Moreover, you can decide to curl them into a wavy perfection.

Are you in your 30s? Share your 30s hairstyles with us!