dog agility equipment construction instruction

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Exercise and play time are the same to a dog, and all dogs need to engage their minds too for healthy living. 

A simple game of ball or a walk around the block is great but if your pup needs a little more stimulation and you’re up to the challenge too, consider some backyard hurdles.

dog weave If your dog is new to jumping hurdles, start him out low and slow. Jump over the hurdle yourself and get him started and show him that it’s OK. As soon as he discovers how fun it is, he’ll want to keep going. 

You can buy hurdles and jumps pretty easy but if you’re crafty and have the time, you can also make this agility jumps pretty easily. There are a ton of DIY guides for creating your own jumps for the backyard, and chances are, the supplies will cost less than if you purchase the jumps.

dog agility flooring

One inch PVC pipe, PVC fittings, some screws or glue, and bright colored duct tape are enough to get you started. Once built and installed out back start having fun with your dog. If you stay focused and cheerful during the training, your dog will absolutely love this time with you. 

Add some extra agility and rally tasks at different stations and direct your dog to run and complete these tasks when he’s mastered jumping. Agility training is beneficial to both your dog and for you. 

Your dog will strengthen his bond with you and further develop his obedience while actively engaging his mind and body. You will benefit as well with an equally stimulated mind and body. Your happy, cheerful attitude will also get your endorphins pumping, and you will feel great too.

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