dog coats for pugs

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Does your pooch pal have a nice wardrobe? Many masters like dressing their canine pals, and it is hard to deny that your furry pal is likely to look more adorable in modest outfits. The craze surrounding doggy clothes is quickly gathering pace.

Funny sweater…worn by a furry friend…Watch out!

No wonder top designers are now making clothes for these four-legged animals. There is even a day dedicated to dog fashion. So, whether you are dressing HIM up for fun, or just for the cold season, the following quick tips will come handy.

dog onesies with boots


Remember that dogs with relatively thicker fur like the Huskies plus Samoyeds, already have natural insulation. Therefore, the thick coats make them overheat under extra layers. On the other hand, if your dog has thin fur (especially if he is greyhounds) he may easily get chilled during the cold weather. Also, keep in mind that small dogs are likely to benefit more from the additional protection of clothing. The same applies to senior, weak or sick canines, not forgetting those with arthritis.

dog jumpsuit with feet


Getting the right size for him can be tricky. Thus, you should always have his measurements on your phone. Measure your canine’s chest & neck. Also, measure the distance from the neck down to his tail. Remember, dot let clothing restrict his movement. Ensure that his clothes are not too tight around the chest as well as limbs.

Puppy Hoodies…You May want to grab this….before the season begins….

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Some materials tend to offer superior protection from windy waves, while others are best at keeping him nice and warm during cold seasons. Your puppy’s rain gear, contrariwise, needs to be designed with a waterproof material. Most importantly, ensure to check the manufacturer’s information to ascertain that your dog’s clothes are machine washable.

dog winter coat


Working on a tight budget? You are better off with DIY CLOTHES. You can still dress him up for the upcoming winter season and keep him warm and comfortable. Get the kid’s unused clothes and repurpose then to become comfy sweaters. There are numerous tutorials on the net to help you DIY clothes for your companion.