creative ways to include your pooch

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You BIG day is around the corner, and you aren’t sure whether to leave your beloved dog behind or take him with you? There’s no need for HIM to stay home alone while there are countless dressing options for him.

Watch a video where a dog acts a best man for his owner’s wedding.

Remember, he also wants to be part of this memorable occasion.

If he is particularly boisterous, you may want to carry on with caution- and thwart them from reaching the cake! But for the rest of the ceremony, including your four-legged friend can be an incredible moment.

Invite your fido to your wedding

Get him a beautiful flower wreath

This is one of the gorgeous ways to give your pup some wedding décor that’ll be less annoying/ disturbing to him because it just resembles a collar.

As your local florist to get him a flower wreath that matches that of your bouquet, and you’ll see your dog stand out during the special day.

Creative Ideas to Include Your Pet in the wedding

Let your dog be a SIGN

Why not make your dog be the one to proclaim your entrance? If you are having an al fresco ceremony, your precious pooch could walk up the aisle with a sign indicating that ‘here comes the bride’ making your guest stand up in delight and pleasure.


What about a ring pillow?

Another thing you can do is to make your dog the ‘ring bearer’. You can readily find plenty of pouches, ties, and pillows in the market that you can give your FIDO to safely fasten the ring. It is just a matter of calling them when you need the rings most! That sounds great, isn’t it? In fact, it will bring more fun to your wedding.

dog wedding dress ideas

Tie or jeweled collar

Try getting him a cute, subtle tie that matches your groomsmen, so he is automatically part of your bridal party. A jeweled-encrusted collar can also make your dog feel appreciated and well-dressed on your big day.

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A floral dog leash will make magic!

If you don’t trust your pooch to walk up the aisle alone, or if he can’t stay still without a leash, do not miss the opportunity to decorate it. Dress it with flowers to make it even more pretty and beautiful.