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You are a parent, congratulations-because he is now becoming a real man. The other day he was a baby boy in diapers and onesies.

And now he is ready to step into the world and put on a graduation cap & gown and pick his high school diploma. You are understandably proud. Well. And you want to make sure that your attire is right as you celebrate the achievement of your BIG BOY at his graduation day.

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Indoor or outdoor

First, you should inquire if that ceremony will be held indoors or outdoors. You will want to go the semi-formal, business classic, or even the business casual way in either case.However; you will also want to wear appropriate for the environment.

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For outdoor graduation ceremonies, go for an outfit that reflects your local area’s climate. And looking nice should not override the fact that you’ll want to be comfortable throughout the day.

If it will be held indoors, try finding out if the location is air conditioned. For instance, if it will be held in the school’s gymnasium, wearing lighter clothing will be the best option for you.
graduation outfit ideas for moms

Consider the school’s policy

Check with his school to determine whether they have a specific dress code for parents and guests during the big day. While most schools can be flexible (they are only interested in enabling parents to see their students graduate), others aren’t. So, if your son’s school has a particular dress code, you better stick to it.
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As a father, you should aim for business/ business casual attire.
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Put on that favorite suit of yours. Get a tie, look like a parent. Your son needs to be proud of you. So, make him proud!

graduation clothes ideas


As a mother, go for semi-formal or even business attire. A coordinated skirt outfit can be great. Make all your clothing classy. They need to be in good taste. But don’t make them too flashy and attention-grabbing. Choose wisely.

Settle for colors that pair nicely with your son’s graduation gown. Don’t color clash in the photos. And most importantly, keep your makeup, accessories as well as jewelry understated & tasteful.