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Understanding the gravity of leaving a breathing creature in a hot car is one thing, but staying vigilant is another.

Don’t leave your pets inside a car on hot days. THIS IS AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE.

Here’s a story of a dog who was left in a hot car….rescued.

The risks of leaving a living being in your newly acquired car (when hot) – be it an animal or a human being – can’t be overstated, yet most of the dog owners continue to assume that “this is not going to happen to me.”

Black Poodle

It can happen to you

Time to time, this tragedy can happen to you. Several incidences have happened. Some involving a pet owner who went to work only to return and find his dog dead in his HOT car. A few months ago, a 3-year old poodle mix died after the owner – a retired lecture – accidentally left him trapped in his hot, stuffy car for about 3 hours. In fact, cases of dogs dying in hot cars are on the rise in the recent times.

Keep your dogs cool during summer and hot days

Apart from taking enough care not to leave your pet inside a hot car when you take your dog outdoors during hot days, there are a few products that might help keep your dog cool. Hwoever, it is advisable to leave your pet indoors when it is too hot than taking any risk.

Check out a few products that might help.

hot rate car

The inside can rapidly heat up

Many dog owners do not realize that the inside of the car can quickly heat up, even when packed under a cool shade or the window is a little bit cracked. For instance, they do not realize that on a 70-degree day, the car’s interior temp can rise to up to 90 degrees.

And on a 90-degree day, ten minutes are enough to take the car’s interior temp to as high as 100 degrees; and in 30 minutes, don’t be surprised to see the temp jump to an all-time high temp (120 degrees.)

best way to transport dog in car

Dogs aren’t necessarily like human beings

Your dog won’t perspire like human beings. Thus, when trapped in extreme temperatures, he might experience some difficulties when breathing, increased heart beats, amplified respiratory rates, seizures, as well as severe harm to key body organs.

These might cause permanent injury or even death. Remember that your pet’s chance of survival is likely to decline exponentially as the temperature rises.


The solution

Never leave your dog in the car for long. If you have to, ensure that the windows are partially open (not so big to temp him escape) but enough to permit fresh air in. If you come across a trapped dog, inform the police or nearby security officers.