don t compare your life to others

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It’s common advice. You’re not others. Stop getting motivated by extrinsic, minor issues (fame, wealth, and status) rather focus on inherent, sustainable issues (meaning and purpose).
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Believe me or not, comparing yourself to someone else will kill your joy! Imagine yourself on a new planet, where there’s no one else but you. Whom would you feel jealous about? Would you say you’re beautiful or ugly? Rich or poor?

You’re Special in Your Own Way

You can see that without comparison all those words lose their meaning. This is a clear indication that they’re only concepts devised by our minds, they have no true existence. Try closing your eyes and imagine you’re in your own world. What do you feel? That you’re ugly or beautiful? Where are all the things you feel about others? I bet, only the reality of your existence remains- because that’s the only truth. Comparing yourself with other people is idiocy because it’s impossible to become someone else- and there’s no one who can be like you!

go compare

Just Look Around……..

Look around. Is there someone who’s exactly like you? Don’t you realize how special and blessed you are? To compare yourself with others is being desperate and miserable. It shows that you aren’t confident enough in your abilities! You’re completely overwhelmed with others that you’ve forgotten how beautiful and extraordinary you are.
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Everyone is uniquely created. So where’s this common point of reference you’re insisting about? You better drop the mindset of comparison and start focusing on your own life. Remember, you’re truly special-just like everybody else. Funny enough, you can’t find people comparing themselves with birds, flowers or mountains; and you ask yourself why they want to look like others. I have ever heard of a singer who wished she were as talented as a Koel! When we can enjoy everything else in nature that’s beautiful, why feel intensely threatened by someone else’s beauty, talent or wealth?

the value of community

Envy Sucks

Don’t allow envy to consume you. Be the best version of your own self, not someone else.  Jealousy does cause unhappiness. However, it’s important to note that you don’t feel resentment when Bill Gates achieves big success. He is very different from us.

You feel jealous when someone of your age or location achieves something related to your goal or field of practice.