dog wedding dress

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You embrace him at home, welcome him into your treasured furniture and, at times, even into your bed. So, why don’t you let him be a part of your wedding day plans?

I’m referring, of course, to your beloved pet-dog. Whether your pup is taking a walk down the aisle or just innocently posing for those after party pics, he needs to be gorgeous too.

The show-stopping accessories you should seriously think about
With that in mind, here are some show-stopping accessories which will propel him to a celebration mode.

1. Dog collars. Dog collars are like bow-ties to men. They feature a gleaming silver strap that has been adorned with oversized stones.

2. Ring bearer. It is no doubt that your pup takes great pride in his key job-the ring bearer. The outfitted ribbon on the collar ensures that the rings are secured. Thus, he is at liberty to can it up down the aisle (the good thing is that you can choose the color that matches your wedding theme!).

3. Take the expectations of your guest by surprise with a flower crown. You can go for a customized flower crown that you can match with your romantic and bohemian wedding.

4. The usual leashes can be boring; so think differently and lead the way with some sparkle. The mesh leash (which is rhinestone of course) will cream special occasion and will pair perfectly with a nice evening collar.

Make him classy and Take him to your wedding

Making your dog look classy at your wedding can be beneficial in a number of ways. First, your dog will feel appreciated. Second, he will look so nice in those photos. Third, it is fun to have your dog at your wedding. So, why leave him at home when you can dress him up, accessorize him, and let his glamour out with the above accessories?