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Ever wondered if all those toys are necessary for your dog? Or if maybe it is just another marketing gimmick? Perhaps they spoil them all really quickly, and you are devastated and don’t want to replace them over and over again.
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Maybe you aren’t sure how many toys to purchase for a new dog. If any of this seems to be touching on you, PLEASE CONTINUE READING!

Toys for dogs

Be generous with those “PLAYING” toys

The fact remains that a dog is a dog. He’s genetically programmed for some things, including hunting, chewing, digging, and chasing. Now think about the genetically wired needs which are driving your dog, and consider how he spends his days. No livestock to guard, no farm to dig, no hunting trips to assist you to bring food home. Honestly, how do you think he’ll keep himself busy? Frankly speaking, I think that your dog needs at least ten different kinds of toys. It would be great if you dropped the following in your cart:

  • Toys for chasing- Frisbees, balls, or lasers
  • Chewing toys- Nylabones
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  • Toys or games for mental stimulation- hiding treats, puzzle toys, Kongs
  • Toys for ‘killing’- unless your dog has the behavior of swallowing things

Dog Chew Toys

Don’t deny “him” the right to happiness

Providing all these toys for your dog will ensure that he lives in a stimulating environment. Besides, you need to help your pet learn to love and appreciate their toys as well as where to find them.
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Dog Toys
They should be able to actively look for items they SHOULD play with rather than chewing up your furniture or belongings. In case they go chew something that doesn’t belong to them, simply go “ah, ah”! Loud enough to scare them, and then provide them with a toy and tell them to chew that instead. And while he does that, praise!