what to do if you find a lost dog

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A dog disappeared at the same time the owner’s car was stolen four days ago. Now, the dog has been discovered to be safe, according to the police!

Before we go through the story, let’s watch a video of a rescued dog which was stuck in mud.

where to take a found dog

On Tuesday, the Framingham police announced the dog, named Jasmine, was found and had been recovered safely.

dog short story

Four days ago, on Saturday, Bill Calvario called the police around noon to report that his Nissan SUV was stolen while it was running and unlocked outside.

The next day, the owner contacted the police to notify them that he found the car in a parking lot, but his phone and dog were still missing.

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Fortunately, the dog was safe and sound! We hope for a full recovery if any injuries were sustained, and for all other stolen items to be returned!