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Do you cringe at the idea of sitting in a cubicle all day? Your worries may be over. If you don’t mind caring for four-legged customers, consider becoming a dog sitting professional.

If they aren’t happy with you, they bark, which is a lot better than someone saying things that make you feel like a complete failure.

Reasons to become a dog sitting professional.

  • In any job, there is no better feeling than having clients happy to see you. If you like your job, it shows. Your pet client will be wagging its tail happy to see you every day.
  • Do you prefer the company of animals over people? If your answer is yes, this job is perfect. Your bond with your pet client will be real. Just like a human client, you will learn your pet client’s quirks, likes and dislikes.
  • Do you like to spend your days outside? Pet sitters spend their days walking, so they are constantly outside working out (this can be your daily exercise).

sitting puppy

  • The top dog – the pet owner recognizes your value. You give them peace of mind.  It doesn’t hurt to text your pet owner a picture with a short message letting them know their four-legged friend is doing great.
  • You become the go-to person in a crisis. If your human boss has to work late or has to leave town because of an emergency, your pet owner can count on you to save the day. One of the most difficult decisions for a dog owner is determining what to do with their pet in an emergency.
  • You become a medical consultant. Your the first point of contact when a pet owner is worried about their pet. Vets are expensive and less likely to know your clients as well as you do. You can ease your pet owner’s mind or make them aware of a potential health problem with their dog.


Are you ready to change careers to become a dog sitting professional? I must confess, it sounds very tempting.