dog scared of noises outside

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Have you ever been quietly reading a book or just hanging out with the family inside when the ear-piercing crack boom of lightning bolt strike in your backyard makes you nearly jump out of your skin?

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dog scared of thunder

That booming sound sends your heart racing but only for only a brief moment because you recognize the sound or a thunderstorm. Unfortunately, not everyone in your house might calm down afterward.

dog afraid of loud noises

Many dogs may experience fear and develop phobias of loud noises including fireworks, rolling thunder, or even the vacuum. Your dog may develop these fears because he doesn’t understand the science behind what causes loud noises as we do. There are a few tips and tricks, fortunately, for helping your four-legged friend cope with loud noises.

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calm a scared dog

Most of us check the forecast and can see a thunderstorm coming. When you can anticipate a storm try to be home and available for your dog and distract him with playtime before he has time to get upset or scared. During playtime, always use positive, happy language and reward your friend with treats and love for focusing on your rather than the storm. But if he’s getting too scared, stop playtime and do your best to comfort him. You don’t want him to associate a game with loud noises or fear.

dog panic

Some loud noises are sudden, and your dog might run away to a safe place for comfort. Always have a safe place available for your dog, and he will likely choose that spot. Once you know your dog’s haven, you can make it special by adding his bed or a toy. Long-lasting treats or fun chew toys are a great way to help distract your pup during loud noise events.
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Your dog may also panic during loud noises so always make sure he can move around. Leave the door open for him, if you use a crate, so he doesn’t get hurt if he suddenly jumps up and tries to move.

how to calm a nervous dog

You can condition your dog to loud noises with training but be patient because it might take some time with older dogs. Start with playtime with positive energy and have a second person drop a heavy book on the floor from a distance. Your dog will hear the boom and possibly feel the vibration. Stay happy and reward your dog for his focus during training. Gradually increase the noise of the book drop to help condition your dog but don’t push his fear.

dog noise anxiety medication

Safety, positivity, and conditioning can help your dog cope and overcome his fears of loud noises. It takes patience and never allows anyone to scare your dog with loud sounds purposefully. Your dog is an important part of your family and providing a safe home is very important for his health.