why do dogs bark at other dogs

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You can solve the problem of your dog’s incessant barking. While most of the tips can be successful, you should not expect the results overnight. Remember, the longer he has been barking, the longer he is likely to change the behavior.

But before we deep dive you into how to stop him from barking, here are some key takeaways you should have.

  • Don’t yell at him expecting that he will be quiet—it’s like barking along with your dog.
  • Your training sessions should be kept positive and upbeat.
  • Practice consistency. This will ensure that you don’t confuse him. Teach all members of your family to apply the same methods and appropriately to optimize consistency. So, don’t get him get away with that inappropriate barking behavior all the time. Just be consistent.


Remove the Motivation

Most dogs get certain types of rewards when they bark. Otherwise, they wouldn’t do it. Thus, figure out the “barking reward” and remove it. Never give him the opportunity to carry on with the barking behavior.

stop dog barking

Ignore the Barking

Ignoring your pup’s barking can help stop the behavior. So, remove any attention you have been giving him when he barks. Remember, dogs take attention as a reward-which can encourage more barking. No talking, touching or even looking at him. When he stops, that’s when you reward him.

Train your dog from barking

Desensitize Him to the Stimulus

Gradually get him familiarized to stuff which make him bark. So, commence with the stimulus (i.e. whatever encouraging him to bark) from at a distance.

The stimulus should be so far away that your dog does not bark upon seeing it. Shower your Fido with plenty of good treats. Then bring the stimulus closer and give treats. When the stimulus is out of sight, remove the treats.

methods to stop dog barking

Teach Him The “Quiet” Command

Teach him to bark on command. For instance, when you tell him “speak” he should bark. On the other hand, when you say “quite”, he should desist from barking. In both cases, when he obeys your order, give him a treat.

Stop your dog incessant barking

Make Him Tired

Keep your dog engaged in physical and mental exercises each day. He’ll be tired and less likely to bark due to boredom and frustration. Depending on your dog’s breed, age, as well as health, he might require some long walks and engaging games in addition to playing with nice toys.