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There is nothing worse than looking back on a missed opportunity with regret, but do we honestly evaluate why we missed the chance in the first place?
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For many of us, missing opportunity is a hindsight thing. We may not have had the foresight to see it while it was in front of us. The reason for our lack of clarity is usually quite simple. Thomas Edison once put the opportunity in perfect perspective when he quipped.

“Opportunity is missed by many people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”

There has never been a simpler way to describe the nature of the opportunity. Today, many people feel the world owes them something. What they forget is that the world has long been there before them and will long outlive them. Exercising opportunity is about creating it. A successful man or woman does not fall into success and opportunity. 

They work hard to make it happen. If you want more for yourself, you must plan for it. The best way to start is to identify your personal goals. Write them down and flesh them out for review. Your plans and actions should always reflect your goals.

when opportunity knocks

As you move forward, or to the side, refresh yourself on your goals. Spend time with yourself and make sure your actions always align with your personal goals. If they don’t, evaluate the goals themselves and see if there’s room for change. 
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If not, it’s time to redirect your course. The more you practice this, the more often you will meet opportunity in the present. All your hard work and focus starts paying off, and the vigilance you had shown toward your goals manifests with meeting them.

When finally, you feel like all your hard work is paying off you will have realized the opportunity was always there because you created it for yourself. Now, keep going with stretch goals.