cat proof planter

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Many plants are poisonous or toxic to our cats, but some are excellent for our felines friends. You can create a fun, tasteful (in both senses) indoor garden (diy indoor cat garden) for your cat with little effort.

Some of the plants in your garden can make your pet sick.

You’ll need a large diameter pot that doesn’t have to be too deep and some cat-friendly plants.

cat friendly trees

Cats love greenery and will often chew on plants. You want to make sure the plants of your cat garden are safe for feline consumption. Here are just a few healthy choices to get going on your cat’s very own indoor cat garden.

Check out the plants that are harmful for your cats before you proceed with your diy indoor cat garden.

cat friendly garden plants

Here are some plants of choice for your DIY cat garden.

Cat grass, which is wheatgrass is an excellent choice for your cat’s garden. When grown inside it does not have the chemically treated toxins that outdoor grass has and it is a safe source of fiber for your cat. Cats are known to nibble on grass to aid in digestion or help remove hairballs. Cat grass is a must for your indoor garden.

The second plant to consider is catnip, which seems like an obvious choice. Catnip is of the mint family and stimulates your cat into action. A nibble or sniff is enough to get them going, but don’t overdo it with the catnip in your garden. Just a little bit is good because you don’t want it to lose its effect on your cat over time.

keep cats out of plants

You can also add herbs like rosemary, mint, basil, and lavender. If you choose to add parsley, make sure it’s Italian parsley. Sprigged parsley is toxic to cats. However, even too much Italian parsley can cause an upset stomach in cats so be careful with your herbs.

Once selected, plant your herbs and seeds and make sure they get plenty of sunlight and water. Add a cute little garden gnome for decoration if you please, and you’ll have a cat safe little garden in no time. 

Your DIY cat garden is READY!

However, you want to monitor your cat’s consumption and health, and remove any plants you believe might be causing your kitty any level of harm.