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According to makeup experts, perfectly done eyebrows can redefine your entire looks. On the other hand, an unflattering shape and color can instantly make your looks angrier and even old. Even though eyebrow trends appear to be changing with time- from pencil thin to thick- theirs is still such a thing as flawless eyebrows. And yes, it’s possible to accomplish them all on your own.
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To start, let’s give you some basics when it comes to pointers: Take caution with tweezers, especially when working with them. Otherwise, you might end up eviscerating your brows.

That said, don’t let your eyebrows go completely natural. Well, it can be tempting to lay off those grooming and leave them (I mean the brows) to do their stuff. However, you don’t want those brow hairs of yours to fully overgrow the arch, either.

Then, there is this task of trying to let them in. With the resurgence of numerous brow powders, pencils, as well as pomades, it can be cumbersome to strike the color plus texture that’ll lead to your version of flawless eyebrows.

Luckily, we have some priceless tips. Keep reading to find out:

tweezing your own eyebrows

Too Light Eyebrows

Going too light in terms of eyebrows is the ultimate no-no. Why? Because when your brows are extremely fair, they tend to appear like they are falling flat, which won’t frame your face.

The Fix

what do you use to pluck your eyebrows

If you want perfectly natural looking eyebrows, go for a product that’ll match your hair’s base.

Over-Tweezing the Middle

Nixing your hairs will leave a huge gap between the brows, and make you harsh and unnatural. Plus, it might end up making the nose’s bridge appear wider and your eyes more far apart.

The Fix

Ensure that your brows start directly above (if you can) the middle of your nostrils.


Other eyebrow mistakes you should avoid include:
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  • Positioning your arch in an inappropriate place
  • Forcing them (I mean your eyebrows to be a thing they aren’t)
  • Making the eyebrows look identical