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Seconds after you get into your nail salon, you are faced with the task of making a decision: Should I go square or round?

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Whereas square and round are perfectly decent options, your nail doc has other ideas in mind. Dozens of shapes for you to choose from.

The world is full of different nail shapes, which makes it hard to keep track of them, leave alone choosing one! So, I’ve broken down popular (and, of course, Instagram-worthy and trendy!) options. Keep reading to take your nail experience to the next level.

gel nail shapes

Square Nails

This is pretty self-explanatory. They are square—I mean flat on top and feature straight, sharp corners. Square nails don’t flare out or taper in. They are popular with people with short nails and long, narrow nail beds.

long square nails

Round Nails

If you prefer to have your nails clipped off, this might be your ultimate option. Round nails tend to start with straight sides. They are curved at the edges and will always follow the fingerprint’s natural shape.

Squoval Nails

coffin fingernails

Squoval nails, also known as square oval nails, are ideal for those who are into the square’s flat edge but dislike sharp corners. This universally flattering nail shape features softened corners, too.

Oval Nails

Oval nails are not the same as their round counterparts. Here is how: The sides and tips of oval nails, unlike the round ones, are filed down. Their curvature is more visual, making the fingers look more slender.

Almond Nails

almond gel nails

Just like the oval nails, the almond ones have their sides filled and have tapered nail walls (but a round peak).

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In most cases, natural nails are weak, and it becomes hard to hold this structure. Thus, they are usually reinforced with some gel (gel nail shapes) or acyclic.

Other Different Nail Shapes

More nail shapes worth knowing include, stiletto nails, ballerina nails, lipstick nails, flare nails, edge nails, arrowhead nails, and mountain peak nails.

Gel Nail Shapes