Arizona Taco Festival

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Every dog has his day, and the Chihuahua has enjoyed a lot of attention as a favored companion breed in our homes and Hollywood. They are easy-going and sweet-tempered when properly cared for, and best of all, they look great in all the latest dog fashion. 

But every year, the mighty Chihuahua gets to show off his looks in the annual Ay Chihuahua Beauty Pageant held in Scottsdale, Arizona at the Taco Festival.

The Chihuahua beauty contest is one of many events at the festival but always promises to be one of the most colorful. The Chihuahuas and their owners get to have fun and parade around with some pretty creative costumes. 

Almost all costumes are Mexican themed and considering this little companion is of Mexican descent, it only fits that the Chihuahua is the breed to pull it off.

Arizona taco festival

From piñatas to tacos, mini-mariachis to Day of the Dead themed looks, the Chihuahuas are delightful and confident in their looks. 

This year, the Taco Festival was held on Sunday, October 15th, the final day of the taco festival in Scottsdale, and the dogs were delightful. The beauty pageant is more than just a reason to dress your Chihuahua in his best taco looks.

The pageant is sponsored by the non-profile Arizona Chihuahua rescue whose mission is to raise awareness for small dog rescues and find forever homes for Chihuahuas. 100% of the registration fee, which is between $15 and $25 depending on how soon you register your Chihuahua, goes to the organization.

Arizona Taco Festival

The Arizona Taco Festival is in its 8th year and has become a national event, drawing in many out of town visitors. The success of the Taco Festival, as well as the Chihuahua beauty pageant, has inspired other cities in the country to host the Taco Festival over time. The Chihuahua beauty pageant seems a staple event at all festivals and cities such as Nashville, Lafayette, Cincinnati, Detroit, and Des Moines are rolling out the taco trucks and inviting restaurants to participate.