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The power of the human spirit is amazingly beautiful. With all the polarity, hate, and denial we see every day through our news and entertainment, it’s a comfort to know the message of inclusion is getting through to those who can make a difference, despite what the right or left would have you believe. 

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Beauty might not seem like it shares the same space with controversial topics such as the NFL protests or freedom marches, but the truth is, every bit of good work helps us get closer to what’s good for the world.

Change, be it good or bad, doesn’t happen overnight. Change is a concerted effort that occurs when we all work together to get the message out. The beauty industry, which controls such a significant share of our attention and influence recognizes the need to share inclusion and what it means to be beautiful. New entrants to the beauty market, such as Rihanna’s Fenty and Beauty Bakerie, which was just picked up by the mega-corporation, Unilever, understand that the future is inclusion and their products are opening the conversation to game-changing ideas throughout the industry.

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Fenty by Rihanna and Beauty Bakerie aren’t just about making beauty products for all skin tones and skin types; they are offering everyone a level playfield to be themselves. For them, it’s about complex options for all. It’s about giving everyone the opportunity to state their beauty, whatever that means to them.

It’s only been a month since Fenty by Rihanna launched but the industry is already responding. In just the second week of October, CoverGirl changed their long-running tagline from one that echoes the sometimes-empty beauty standards yesterday to a motto that speaks to the individuality and personal meaning of beauty. CoverGirl, though a well-established household beauty name, took a huge, yet calculate, risk by shifting to an inclusive motto.

The beauty industry is front-and-center when it comes to our attention. It only fits that real positive change that will inspire inclusion outside of the beauty realm will occur in its wake. Key individuals and forward-thinking corporate leaders do not disciple us into inclusion. They open our minds and let us figure it out. This time, it’s with a little foundation and highlighter.