outdoor cat playground

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It does not matter how young or old your cat is. If she’s playful, which most cats are, she loves playing. Every cat that I’ve ever known turns into a kitten when you wriggle under the covers or scratch at the bed under the blanket.

They hear the noise of your hand and see an undefined movement under them. This excites the huntress in her, and her pupils dilate, she crouches low, and with a wriggle of her hide end, she pounces on your hand. This sort of activity is great for bedtime because it exercises your cat’s body and stimulates her mind. A properly stimulated cat is less likely to attach your toes in the middle of the night, while you sleep.

outside cat playground

Although it’s lots of fun, we can’t play with our cats all day. However, we can leave them with a fun and safe toy that can help stimulate them and bring out the huntress.

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Just like chasing your hand under the blankets, your cat can explore through a cat tunnel. Most cat tunnels are made of a special nylon that contains crinkle crackle paper inside, and when the cat or something else touching the cloth, it makes a fun sound, and your cat will go crazy. More than one cat can enjoy the tunnel with the stimulating sounds and the multiple entrances, exits, and places to hide.

outdoor cat room

As interactive toys go, the tunnel is always a top-rated choice among cat owners and rescue centers. Many of the tunnels come with toys attached to the rings to give an additional element of fun. Just be careful with any toy that’s attached with string or elastic.

Cats like to chew, and if they dislodge to the toy, they may swallow the string. Always inspect the toys regularly for any flaws and tears. Otherwise, the cat tunnel is an excellent toy to leave with your cat.