cat themed engagement rings

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Cat lovers enjoy showing off how much they love cats. Cats and kittens may also be considered the most adorable of all creatures, though I might be a bit biased in my praise.

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One of the best ways to display our unwavering love for cats is in our fashion. From cute to sophisticated, cats themed fashion will always be in.

Fashion Cat

One of the cutest cat fashions is the cat ear bowler hat. These felt hats come in a variety of colors and styles that may include a slight bill. The cat ears on the bowler hat also vary from soft, round, low-profile ears to the pricked up, classic look.

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If the bowler look is too bold for you or you don’t think you look good in a hat, you can accessorize with a cat infinity scarf. We’ll see a lot of new scarf fashion popping up with fall just around the corner and the air turning cold again. Scarves are a great way to dress up your casual look or add an accessory to your work attire. With a subtle cat pattern, only the most observant of your friends will notice your cat fashion in most cases.

cat eye jewellery

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Watches are also a popular choice as a fashion accessory and cat face timepieces are excellent choices for the cat lover. Watches range in style but the most fashionable now usually only include whiskers, eyes, and possible a cute nose. If wearing a watch isn’t your thing, earrings and necklaces will display your love of cats just as well.

sterling silver cat jewellery

Feeling bold and ready to display your affinity for the Japanese school girl look? If so, you can go with a cute A-line skirt and cat-themed knee-high socks. This is quite the statement when it comes to cat fashion and will proudly display your affection for all things feline. Pair it with the bowler, if you dare, and your look is complete.