royalty free cat pictures

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When it comes to tasteful Internet cats that capture our attention and pull our heart strings, we don’t usually like to see the messy room and all the human disorganization. 


Stains on the carpet or clutter in the kitchen detract from the subject. Today, several people share their fabulous felines with the world. Some hope to become to next big thing, and others are just happy to share. But be warned. If you want to share your photos and make an Internet name for your cat, cut down on the garbage. We want more cats, less crap.
kitten photos
Take Theo as a perfect example of how to best film your cat. Theo is one of two cats living in Los Angeles, California and is an unknown feline of little distinction found at the Instagram handle @thebarrettlostboy

He is a small, new addition brother to Binx, the black cat. These cats’ somewhat anonymous owners have a command over the photography of their cats that is instantly striking and sets Binx and Theo apart from other Instagram cats.

The trick is all in the composition of the photograph. You can be taught how to set up a composition, and you can edit one later, but some people are born with natural ability to create the perfect composition with no thought. It comes as easy to them as breathing is to the rest of us.

Whoever is responsible for the artistic and tasteful black and whites of Binx and Theo has that natural born talent for photography. But what makes this even better is the subject of the photography. Seeing a new @thebarrettlostboy photograph come through on one of my favorite Instagram hashtags, #catsofinstagram, I get pretty excited. Aside from the fantastic composition of the photographs, you will not see any clutter or trash. The subject of the cat is clear, and there’s nothing to distract you in the photo.