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Almost everyone who uses the Internet today knows one essential thing about it; cats own the Internet. Sure, people can break the Internet from time-to-time, but cats the staple of our daily Internet browsing lives. 

Cats are a large part of our culture, but for countries like Japan, felines appear to have a more significant share of culture.

The power of the cat is unmistakable, and in countries like Japan, where the cat is revered, marketers have known just how to get their products and ideas into the hands of the public. 

Using cats as the market magnet, a new campaign in Japan is trending globally and reveals just how much we love pampering our pussycats.

cat house tower

The Fukuoka Okawa Furniture Manufacturers Association is home to over 150 craftsmen creating high-quality furniture, but their trade popularity has waned in recent decades. 

The new cat campaign aims to raise awareness to the industry and revitalize the world’s interest in the high-quality furniture from that quarter. To accomplish this, the association ask some of its craftsmen to create their quality furniture, only scaled down for a cat.

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The 60-second clip below, featured on Design Boom shows beautiful products that appear as full-sized furniture until a tabby catwalk on screen. The cat looks great lounging on the furniture and inspires us to look at the furniture for ourselves. I have to admit, as soon as I saw the high-quality mini sofa, I wanted one for my cats and me.
Look at this beautiful wall-to-wall playground for your pet.

The Okawa Furniture Association may have just struck gold with its cats. People, the world over, adore and pamper their feline companions. Though it appears the furniture is made for people and not cats, the campaign is raising awareness for the traditional trades and excellent craftsmanship in the Japanese furniture market; all thanks to cats.

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