eyeliner to make eyes bigger

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So you have gorgeous big, round eyes. OMG, you’re lucky! Large beautiful eyes are the true charm of the face. Therefore, when it comes to applying makeup on your ‘big eyes,’ you should know exactly how to enhance them to achieve a brighter and glamorous look.


winged eyeliner for round eyes

Let us check out some of the makeup rules you should take into consideration whenever you’re doing your eyes. From shaping those lovely eyebrows to curling your eyelashes, we’ve some awesome makeup tips. Explore them, and get acquainted with magical tricks you didn’t know:

Groom your eyebrows

Your brows play a significant role in boosting the boldness and beauty of your eyes. It’s even truer for big, round eyes. Regardless of how striking your makeup could be, bushy and unruly eyebrows can spoil your look instantly. Shaping, trimming, and grooming your brows properly can help vastly redefine your looks.

simple eye makeup looks

Utilize Dark Shadows

Well, this may prove to be quite tricky, but choosing the right shadows for your large eyes is vital. Let me share this secret; Choose dark, intense shadows and avoid light or nude hues. Believe me, darker shadows often make it difficult for someone to notice the size or shape of your facial features.

simple eye makeup

Go for Shimmers

Don’t forget those shimmery eye shadows. They can take your makeup experience to the next level. Adding some glitter to your upper eyelids and brow bones can intensify the glamour in your eyes. You can also use it on your lower lashes for a spectacular night party look. No matter the color you choose, you’ll never go wrong with shimmers.

eye makeup

Add more and more colors

Think beyond the common black eye look. With your big beautiful eyes, you can try some color combos that’ll provide you with an excitingly colorful experience. Remember to keep your upper lid thick and close to the lash line.

Remember to curl up your lashes

Curled up eyelashes will surely double up the beauty of your eyes. Get yourself a quality eyelash curler and apply mascara to those flawlessly curled lashes. This will give your big eyes a pretty distinct look.

Blend and blend

When it comes to applying makeup on your big eyes, you need to know that using one product isn’t enough for achieving a perfect diva look. You need to blend thoroughly and tactfully in order to give your eyes that seamlessly beautiful look. Always ensure that you blend those eyeshadows properly if you want to stand out.