dogs are the best

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Anyone who has a dog would like to agree that they’re one of the best friends to humans and share most of their emotions, characteristics, and social needs.

Dog Breeds

Dogs are often our closest non-human companions. Cats, dogs, and birds can also bond very tightly to us, but dogs are always willing to follow humans on almost every adventure or trial.

People get excited to think of these beautiful creatures as little people coated with fur, but I find the best thing about them is their very ‘dogness.’ You could be having a lot of friends in your life, but none of them can give you the comfort or share sweet moments with you the way a dog can.

Dogs are family

I know my human family loves me so much, but they don’t always dive into transports of delight when I walk into the room. Every time I return from work and my lovely dogs salute me, and we go for a run, I can feel relieved of all the day’s stresses. They play and race with the same joy every single day.

The goodies……

Dogs are heartwarming and adorable

Dogs live their life to the fullest. They never say “I’m tired of this ball chase, same Dog Park, or same walk. It is new, and fun every time”. Dogs find delight in the simplest things. About anything I do, my beautiful dog thinks it’s a blast.

Dogs are BEST PETS

Of course my friends and family are amazing to spend quality time with but they are not always available, or dislike the things I love doing. My dogs have never said no to a hike, a cuddle, a car ride or any other adventure.

Dogs are really great and share more resemblance to human beings. They’re just perfect as they are. They love what we do and are unique enough to be charming in their own right.