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makeup for teenage beginners

Purse Must-Have Makeups

Certain beauty products are as vital to you as your pants. So, that little pouch should be loaded with your must-have makeups.  - Advertisement...
how to dress for a birthday party

Dressing For a 21st birthday party… at every single age

Planning how to dress at your 21st birthday party can be a sartorial angst. The craving to look gorgeous than everybody at the party often leads (for...
makeup companies

Bee Beautiful: Try Burt’s Bees new Makeup Line

Burt’s Bee lip balm and other products have been around for over 35 years, promoting safe, sustainable practices. Almost every one of us has...
yellow tinted lenses

Now You Can Wear These Sunglasses And Look Wow!

Seasons and trends alike do change. Certain classics tend to carry forward, but there’s always a new thing out there. And yes, classic as...
best makeup looks

Tips and Tricks You Need to Enhance Your Makeup

Take a close look at the makeup arsenal you employ every day and think of the masterpieces that can be created out of it....