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pretty nail colors for dark skin

Darker Skin Tone? Here Is How To Find An Impeccable Nude Nail Polish

You’ve stood before nail polish aisles and maybe played the guessing game. Yes: ogling at shades, applying polishes near the hand (barometer-like), only to...
popular pedicure colors

The Best Color Combos

There are two types of ladies – those who are for matching colors & those who aren’t.Well, while matching the hand nail color to...
what is a manicure

Matching Manicure to Your Pedicure

It is the post-manicure question: should one match her nail polish with toes?Yes, you should match them. And here is how to do it...
manicure nail shapes

The Perfect Nail Shape For Your Style

Seconds after you get into your nail salon, you are faced with the task of making a decision: Should I go square or round?...
spring nail colors

The Top Summertime Nail Trends According To Nail Expertise Nail Stylist

They say: The nail salon (others may decide to call it heaven) is a sacred territory! That’s where you’ll always find yourself the best...