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As far as cat fashion goes, cats don’t share the same fashionable limelight as their dog counterparts. Perhaps is it because a dog is less likely to fuss over wearing a dress or that a cat is too dignified to put one on. Whatever the reason, we don’t have to miss out on cat fashion just because our cats don’t want to participate.

cat name necklace

Instead of dressing our cats in the latest fashion, many cat people add cat themed styles to their dress. Jewelry is a wonderful way to express our love for our furbabies, but you can take it a step further. Cats all over the world are in desperate need to help. There seem to be more cats than there are happy homes for them to live in, and while rescues work diligently to make cats ready and find forever home, they are always in need of supplies. An excellent way to help is with our fashion sense.
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The Always by My Heart ring is an adjustable heart and paw cuff ring that perfectly expresses how much you love your cat. This ring is reasonably priced at only $14.99 but comes with more than just a cute look. When you purchase the ring, your money goes to feed homeless shelter cats. The Always by My Heart ring is a promise to feed twenty cats in shelters. This ring is not the only option you have.

Fashion Cat

If you prefer another style, the iHeartCats company who sells the jewelry has other rings and beaded bracelets available as well.

Each item shows the amount or percentage of donation that is made for the particular cause. You can help feed shelter cats, or purchase a bracelet that will help fund cancer research in pets, or provide transportation miles out of high risk, overcrowded shelters.