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Twinkle Tush ( is the most bizarre accessory you can get for your lovely cat. It’s a beautiful jewel designed to hang from the pet’s tail and add a hint of ‘bling’ to its butt.

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Have you ever held a cocktail bash at your home only to be disappointed by your cast coming out and proudly displaying hear uncovered bum? While your kitty may enjoy showing off her brown eye, we are sure some of your guests hate to see that one-eyed animal while feasting on their caviar. I know you don’t like that too. Give your pet some class. Droop a classy cat twinkle Tush from her tail and cover that rear in bling.

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Kitties do love gossip

Just like humans, cats do love sharing all those spicy details about their friends and neighbors. That is why they can’t bear each other’s presence- There will always be so much jibber jabber. If you don’t want your feline family member to be known as that floozy pet who shakes its bare bum around the local bingo hall, you better start covering her butt with a dazzling Twinkle Tush (cat butt jewel). Twinkle tush makes a great gag gift.

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Save your cat the embarrassment: Photos are everlasting

Does your pet have ongoing scuffles with paparazzi? Does it worry you having photos of your cat revealed? Those vultures are eagerly waiting to take a picture of your cat’s bare butt. Are you going to sit back and watch your Mr. Whiskers naked behind roll up in tomorrow’s paper? Chances are you won’t. Spare her the embarrassment by providing a cat Twinkle Tush (twinkle tush dog as well). These may also be called as cat butt plugs.

This will bring more bling to her bum while also enabling her to ‘mask her stuff’. An uncovered butt shouldn’t be displayed in public. And while your kitty might seem proud of her behind, she is, in fact, hankering some much-needed glitter. So, get her that Twinkle Tush (cat butt jewel) right now!

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