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A well-mannered dog is the ideal best friend but sometimes, getting there can be a challenge. Dogs have active minds and active bodies. Without proper training, they are ruled by instinct and desire, which is usually food based. The ever-constant search for food and fun can lead you to frustration.

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In the past, we’ve often relied on hard-handed obedience training to show our dogs who their master is.
Dogs being pack animals will follow the pack leader, so we’ve developed techniques, such as associating sounds with a negative behavior to scare or frighten our dogs from doing something unwanted, or we’ve pulled hard on their leashes and used harsh tones to command them.

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While these techniques are useful, they do very little to strengthen the bond between you and your dog. Instead, they create a condition where your dog respects yet fears you or fears upsetting you through what he thinks are routine behaviors. Rather than create a negative association with behaviors, you can shift training techniques to the positive and work on your bond.

Food-based reward training is an effective way to work on obedience and can be applied to any behavioral situation from excessive barking to counter surfing. It takes time, but the trick is to teach your dog that he will get a far better reward by not engaging in the negative behavior. Take an excessive barking example. Your dog is most likely barking for attention or because he sees something in the yard that’s exciting him. Yelling at him to will not work. He’ll just think you’re joining in the fun. Instead, grab some treats and stay calm. Whistle or clap gently to get his attention. If he stops barking and comes over, give him the quiet command and a treat.

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Training for obedience is ongoing and happens any time you are interacting with your dog. Showing him your love and affection is essential to strengthen your bond, and if you stay positive with him, your dog will reward you with an eagerness to please you.

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How to teach your dog obedience?