dog play day

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You have a smart dog who already loves to shake paws and gives high fives. Why not take it further and teach her how to play patty cake?

The time you spend with your dog teaching her the art of tricks can be great fun for the both of you. It’s an excellent time to strengthen your bond and feel happy.


Dog Shake Paws
So, if you want to give it a try, here’s how:

  • Get on the floor or ground with your dog, sitting in front of her
  • Put your right hand up for a high-five in front of her left paw. She may try to give you her right paw but take your hand away before she high-fives you and keep repeating until she gives you her left paw.
  • Giver her happy, high energy praise and a treat when she’s figured out what you want
  • When she gets it, switch to your left hand and ask her for her right paw. You want to give her praise each time he does it correctly and ignore her when she doesn’t. Don’t use the word “no,” just ignore her by taking your hand away.
  • It’s helpful to exaggerate the command by going to her far-left side, so she knows it’s now her left paw you want to clap
  • Once she understands the commands, slowly switch back and forth with a clap in between to give her time to switch her paws. Give her praise and a treat if she can make it through one set, left paw, right paw.
  • It may take a few sessions to get to this point and always remember to stay positive and give her praise. If you notice your dog is becoming bored or fatigued, stop and resume the exercise a little later.
  • If she’s going strong, try playing a little faster and add more sets until you can get through at least 8 or ten.


Dog Paws

If you can make it to 10 sets of paw switching, you have mastered patty cake with your dog. The time you spend with her learning and playing this game is very mentally stimulating for your dog and has the added benefit of bringing joy to your life as well.