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You may have heard of a bird dog tracker. It’s used to track the position of moving object and is no new concept to tracking dogs.

In fact, the bird dog is named after the famous traits of the bird tracking dogs. However, bird dog collars made for your dog can be clunky and annoying for your dog. Generally, they are used for hunting and not day-to-day living. Some pet parents go with microchips instead, but there’s a problem there too.

tracking units for dogs

The microchip is passive. Pet owners register their pets microchips, which are radio frequency identification tags but the dog has to be found and scanned to be safely reunited with his owner. Microchips may also fail over time. So, what can pet parents do?

A new Kickstarter campaign for a pet tracking device called Pip is always an option. The Pip tracking device is very small and clips to the dog’s collar. The device uses cellular data, without a data subscription, to transmit its GPS coordinates within five feet of accuracy.
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Blue tooth technology also allows the Pip to go into a low-power mode while around the house and your cell phone and an extra long battery life means you will have plenty of time to track down your errant pooch if he slips the yard.

We all want to keep our dogs happy and healthy. That’s why we feed them healthy food and make sure they have plenty of attention and playtime. But keeping a healthy body and mind is just part of our responsibility. We need to ensure they have a safe environment and can’t find harm or trauma.

It might feel natural to break out of the yard and run free, but there’s nothing natural about the dog pound or finding their way into traffic. The quicker we can bring our dogs home when they escape the great likelihood that that’ll live to attempt another escape.