siamese cat personality

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Despite all their innate curiosity, kittens and cats can be quite shy and timid, especially when introduced to a new home.


The time it takes for a cat to adjust to a new living space depends on several factors, including the cat’s personality. Sometimes, a cat never quite loses its timidity with people. Anytime you adopt a new cat or kitten; you must let her adjust on her terms. Forcing your cat to socialize or forcing her to sit still while you pet her will not make her feel comfortable and may increase her apprehension in her new space.

nervous cat

Give her time to explore and come to you. But if she doesn’t adjust after a while, there are things you can do to help her feel more confident and trusting of her living space and with her new companions.

Cats need to feel confident of their space and the other living creatures in the space, but if they are too fearful or timid, you have to start them out slowly and reassure trust. The best way to start this with crate training. Get an appropriate size crate and cover three of the closed off sides with a sheet or cardboard.
Anxious cats

You want to place the crate in an area of the home with low traffic but within hear shot of the hustle and bustle of your house. Make sure your cat has water nearby and put some of her favorite toys inside the crate. You can show her where the crate but don’t force her into it. Eventually, she will try it out because it is a safe, dark place, like a kitty cave.

With time, move the crate and sheet closer to all the action in the house so your cat can see the daily life and activity but don’t bother with her while she’s inside her sanctuary. Over time, lift the sheet one side at a time to introduce more activity to your cat. This type of training is supposed to instill a sense of confidence and trust for your cat and eventually she will come out and show more affection for her family.