easy summer hairstyles for long hair

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Long flowing, beautiful hair is a wish for every fashionable woman. Nevertheless, summer is a tricky time to leave your mane loose and also cumbersome for most of us, who’re short of time to do our hair elaborately on a daily basis.
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So, it’s indeed wise to keep your long hair away from the face this summer. Otherwise, it won’t just be a daunting task managing your hair, but it can also lead to the formation of bacteria. Short haircuts or buns are perfect under this scorching sun- or go a little bit girly by sporting some braid or a sleek pony.

summer updos for long hair

Want a flawless look? Try the pixie style

This super-edgy hairstyle makes your hair lighter and is therefore perfect for ladies with thick hair and want to shed off the extra weight from their mane. A hit among college girls, the pixie style is suitable for anyone who doesn’t love spending a lot of time styling their hair.
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cute summer hairstyles for short hair

Summer-Staple, Buns will make you kill it!

High buns are flawlessly suitable for most girls in summers. They prevent those fringes and flyways from falling on your face- while you walk during the mad-heat. Try and test it now, don’t wait! It really, really works. Top-bun, chignon or sock buns are all sure to make you super comfortable. Not forgetting the new pony-cum which is now a hit in the beauty market.

summer updos

Go the pony way

Ponies are simple and stylish. They can be done even by the busiest ladies- and look equally flattering on everyone. Above all, they can be customized to match the type and length of your hair to achieve added loveliness. If you’re so much into style, you can try fixing your pony with a banana-clip rather than an ordinary rubber band. You can also blow your hair-up slightly to provide some height to your face and boost the freshness of your look this summer!